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Bestelnummer 23.6090 / JTS



Electret headband microphone

  • Lightweight, very comfortable to wear, expressive sound
  • Adjustable neckband, lockable
  • Integrated drip ring protects cartridge from moisture
  • Folding ear hook
  • Connection cable with strain relief, screwed-on
  • Additional connection cables are available at option
  • Supplied with bag, windshield and collar clip

EVENT Rookie 01/2014
"All in all, the UF-10 from JTS is an excellent choice for users who value wideband wireless systems with a sophisticated technology and a reasonable price-performance ratio but who tolerate a lower mechanical stability compared with other much more expensive devices. Although this system requires a licence because of its frequency range, it should still be a reliable investment in future wireless equipment, even beyond the year 2015. With regard to the sound, the UF-10TH/12 is a good dynamic microphone with excellent close-talking characteristics. The headset CM-804/F is of omnidirectional characteristic and features a well-balanced sound without too many peaks in the high frequency range. The pocket transmitter UF-10TB/10 is additionally supplied with the unidirectional lavalier microphone CM-501 which allows you to immediately start with voice transmissions."


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