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Professional DMX controller
with SD card slot, for controlling light effect units with DMX512 interface. Easy to use with versatile programming facilities.
  • 2 DMX outputs
  • 484 DMX channels (channel 481 for DMX fog machine, channels 483-484 for DMX strobe)
  • SD card slot for storing program data, supplied with 2 GB SD card
  • Device library (devices can be edited manually, 50 devices max.)
  • 10 integrated movements, adjustable PAN/TILT position, PAN/TILT range, fading time/waiting time or loop
  • 60 programmable chases, each with 200 scenes max.
  • 1,200 programmable scenes (60 banks x 20 scenes)
  • 400 programmable colours and gobos (20 presets, each with 10 colours and 10 gobos)
  • 20 DMX device levels can be controlled, each with up to 24 channels
  • 20 device groups can be operated simultaneously
  • 24 DMX channel faders
  • 20 cues (combination of several chases, each chase can be controlled individually)
  • 20 adjustable overrides (assignment of one or several devices to perform a special feature, e.g. follow spot during operation)
  • 20 x centre for setting the central moving position of the movements of each individual device
  • Blackout function
  • Password protection
  • Supports standard MIDI
  • Music-controlled operation via audio input with adjustable sensitivity or built-in microphone
  • USB port for supplied gooseneck light
  • 2 x 10 m remote control cable for LC-3 functions at DMX devices, e.g. SCAN-20LED, TWIST-52LED, PARL-64PDX
  • Backlit LCD (80 characters)
  • Connections: 2 x 3-pole XLR (DMX out 1+2), 1 x 6.3 mm jack (strobe), 2 x 5-pole DIN (MIDI in, MIDI thru), 1 x RCA (audio in), 2 x 5-pole XLR
  • Power supply: ~ 100-240 V/50-60 Hz/10 VA
  • Dimensions: 482 x 264 x 100 mm, 6 RS
  • Weight: 5.3 kg
+ Excellent price-performance ratio
+ Includes many professional features
+ Fast and effective programming
“This console is suitable for any application using 2 to 20 moving spotlights.”
EVENT Rookie 03/2012
“Impressive – a cool console for various applications. Especially with regard to the number of channels per unit and available scenes, there is no real competition for the DMX-4840 which also allows for a particularly convenient operation of lights requiring a large number of channels. The unit is easy to use, the display indicates all relevant information and the moves already implemented allow for an impressive performance straightaway.”

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Technische data

Description DMX controller
DMX interface DMX512
No. of DMX channels 484
No. of DMX outputs 2
Selectable DMX polarity -
No. of channel faders 24
Master fader -
No. of chases 60
No. of cues 20
No. of scenes 1,200
No. of device levels 20
No. of devices 50
No. of overrides 20
Number of colours 200
No. of gobos 200
Pre-programmed motion sequences 10
Galvanic isolation -
Blackout function yes
Password protection yes
Music-controlled yes
Patchable -
Storage capacity -
Special features 20 x centre
jog wheels 4
MIDI yes
USB yes, for gooseneck light
SD card supplied with 2 GB
Display LCD, 80 characters
Suitable for DMX devices, e.g. SCAN-20LED, TWIST-52LED, PARL-64PDX
Power supply ∿ 100-240 V/50-60 Hz/10 VA
Operating voltage ∼ 230 V
Current consumption 10 VA
Dimensions 482 x 264 x100 mm
Width 482 mm
Height 264 mm
Depth 100 mm
Rack spaces, RS 6
Admiss. ambient temp. 0-40 °C
Weight 5.77 kg
Connections 2 x 3-pole XLR (DMX out 1+2),

1 x 6.3 mm jack (strobe),

2 x 5-pole DIN (MIDI in, MIDI thru),

1 x RCA (audio in),

2 x 5-pole XLR