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Audio Matrix System
The system ARM-880… from MONACOR is a highly flexible PA solution for multi-room applications. It is ideally suited for applications in hotels, in restaurants and bars, in conference rooms, schools, sports facilities and fitness centres. Eight different audio sources, e.g. CD players, SAT receivers, radio programmes can be distributed to 8 output zones, assignment as required.
The audio matrix router ARM-880 is the centrepiece of the system. For operation, one amplifier is required for each output used. This may be an individual power amplifier or an active speaker system. Matching wall modules ARM-880WP1, ARM-880WP2 and ARM-880WP3 for remote control of ARM-880 or with additional local inputs for the respective zone are available at option.
With a master/slave connection, it is possible to extend the system to up to 32 output zones. Connections for various alarm signals and a local microphone are available.
Announcements can be made via 2 optional zone paging microphones ARM-880RC with zone selection.
Audio matrix router
  • 8 audio inputs and 8 audio outputs
  • Inputs 1-4, line, with gain control
  • Inputs 5-8, switchable line/mic
  • 2 zone paging microphones ARM-880RC and 1 local microphone (for all zones) can be connected
  • 1 additional audio input for each zone, non-routable, with gain control
  • 8 wall modules ARM-880WP… can be connected as remote control
  • Extendable to up to 32 zones
  • Microphone, music and master volume controls for each zone
  • 2-way tone control for each zone
  • Priority management
  • Emergency announcement with priority for each zone, even when extended
  • 3 different alarm signals
  • 7-segment LED display for each zone
  • Clipping indicator
  • Monitoring function with built-in speaker
  • 482 mm (19″) rack installation
  • Mains operation or 24 V emergency power operation

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Technische data

General Information -
Frequency range 20-20,000 Hz (line)

80-18,000 Hz (mic)

Input sensitivity -
Mic 1 1 x XLR
Zone paging microphone 2 x RJ45
line 1-4 195 mV-2 V/47 kΩ
line 5-8 350 mV (line)

5 mV (mic)

zone 1-8 1.5 V/600 Ω
Emergency announcement 1 x plug-in screw terminal
Outputs -
Equalizer bass ± 10 dB/100 Hz
Equalizer treble ± 10 dB/10 kHz
S/N ratio > 65 dB (mic)

> 85 dB (line)

THD < 0.07%
Admiss. ambient temp. 0-40 °C
Power supply ∿ 230 V/50 Hz/30 VA
Dimensions 484 x 138 x 325 mm, 3 RS
Weight 10.73 kg
Connections -
Line 1-4 4 x RCA L/R
Linie/Mic 5-8 4 x plug-in screw terminal
Zone 1-8 8 x plug-in screw terminal (IN)

8 x plug-in screw terminal (OUT)

Wall modules 8 x RJ45
Fire alarm 9-pole plug-in screw terminal
24 V DC 1 x plug-in screw terminal
Alarm 1 x plug-in screw terminal
EVAC 1 x plug-in screw terminal
Extension 2 x D-sub DC37