The museum consists of a restored fire control / command bunker S414 and an underground network of corridors with three adjacent bunkers. The restoration of the ammunition storage bunker FL246 has already come a long way. The other two are then next. The fire leader now contains an ARM-880 mixer, a PA-1850D amplifier and an ARM-880RC microphone as a public address system. In the near future they want to connect the ammunition bunker first and then the others to the public address system. The challenge here is the distance. The ammunition bunker is about 200m from the fire leader. These two bunkers are connected to each other by jacket pipes. From the ammunition bunker approximately 100m long jacket pipes run to the other two bunkers. All these bunkers are also connected to each other via a fiber optic cable.

The wish is to place a microphone in the ammunition bunker that will reach at least that bunker and possibly the other two bunkers later on. It is the intention that all bunkers can be reached from the fire control bunker. There are six zones in the current bunker. The three future bunkers should each have at least 1 zone.

The reception of the museum is in the fire leader and that post is always occupied. In the ammunition bunker there will be a guard post that will keep an eye on the other three bunkers, including through camera images. It must be possible to make a call from the ammunition bunker to the fire control and vice versa. In the ammunition bunker we were thinking of 4 to 6 speakers and in the gun bunkers 3 each.

The idea of ​​those zones was that if one sees on the cameras that one “looks with the hands, instead of the eyes” that one can say something about it. If the zone layout is really an issue, then I may be able to convince the board that if you broadcast it throughout the complex, it also has a deterrent effect …
But I would expect it to be precisely via Audio over IP that it cannot be so complicated to program the IP addresses of the various speakers under a button on the microphone.

Gun bunker 1 and 2 will be used in the future. These are also already connected to the ammunition storage bunker via fiber optics. So with a view to the future, Audio over IP is preferred.
There was also a request for a kind of playback device where you can announce that the tour is about to start with the push of a button.

With MondeF all this is no problem. Expansion with more zones, broadcasting stations and / or speakers is possible. There is also an integrated message module (Alarms tab) in this system, which makes it possible to play back recorded messages in the selected zone. This can be done by manually starting them on the touchscreen [dear visitor, you do not want to touch the museum pieces] or they can be set on time [dear visitor will close the museum ..] It is also possible to automatically play a theme per zone. , this can be an mp3 with mood music or a story for example.